[CQ-Contest] Re: IC 706 Mk2 and Heil HC5

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Fri Apr 16 09:50:23 EDT 1999

Jacques wrote:
> I can't get any modulation from the HC5 pluged to the 706....
> I'm afraid the output level of the Heil HC5 element is too low
> for the IC706 input designed for electret type microphone
> (I think)

Hello Jacques,
Placing a blocking capacitor will remove the DC from the
Heil element and allow it to work.  But you may still have
a difficulty with low gain and output.

To overcome this HEILSOUND have developed a microphone
preamplifier specially for use with Icom equipment. The 8v is
taken from the Icom.  Here are some details:
Martin ZL1ANJ

-----------------------------------------------starts here

                  HeilMicrophone Preamplifier 
                          HMP & HMP-M
The Heil HMP is an in-line microphone preamplifier for use with
Icom amateur radio transceivers. Traditionally these transceivers
have  been low in microphone input gain when using Heil products,
thus preventing our high quality microphones from being
successfully used on Icom equipment. The HMP is designed to
eliminate this problem. 


-----------------------------------------------ends here

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