[CQ-Contest] Narrow vs. Wide filter operators

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It is a little more complicated than a "I can't buy this..." situation. As it
happens, I prefer to run in the 250 Hz filter position, the next operator
runs in the 500 Hz position and, yet, another uses his 1.8 kHz filter in
the contest. As I look about for a clear frequency and find one, I listen
for a bit, hear nothing, then call CQ. After a couple of QSO's, I have
one of the operators tell me QRL, move. Hmmm? Neither of the stations
next to me identify what width filter he is using. Bruce, it's not that I am
trying crowd or push someone off a frequency. I just found a frquecy that
I can use. The preference to use a wider filter is up to the individual
but I am not sure it up the other contestants to give the wide filter operator
bandwidth than anyone else. Most users of wide filters tell us their ears do
filtering for them, but then they complain the most about someone moving in
too close. To say "It's the height of rudeness to plop down within someone
else's 500Hz bandwidth and blast away" might be reversed and said this way,
"It is the height of rudeness to plop down on a band and expect 500 Hz or
1.8 kHz of bandwidth in a crowded band." I have experienced both situations
and try to adjust. Atleast I don't do what one op did to me, complain that I
had landed on his frequency and to move. This was after I had worked some
15 QSO's on this frequency. I asked "Which way?", as I was hearing no one.
I had no response and then continued. Then my QSO rate dropped. I stopped
a CQ in mid stride to hear this garbage QRM ON my frequency. Not near my
frequency, but dead zero beat. I asked who he was and he responded with a
well know EU contest operator's call. Now, that was rude!

Not to vent my frustration over this operator, but if the wide filter
operators ears work so well, then why do they complain about nearby
stations that use narrow filters and are not bothered by the wide filter
users? There is only so much bandwidth for fellow contestants to use and
I think it rude for some to expect to be given more room because of their
operating preferences.

Just some thought from the other side.

73 de K8 Joe "Palooka" & Beverly
Joe Pontek
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Choice of CW Narrow filters
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Bruce Sawyer wrote:

>This is surely a value judgement, but I think 500Hz
>is the closest you should go in trying to horn in 
>on somebody.  

If you stay 500Hz away from all others in a CW contest,
you are QRT.  You should be able to operate with a couple
hundred Hz of any but the most overpowering stations.

If you can't (or they can't) someone needs a new radio.
In crowded contests like SS, I consider myself fortunate
if I can find a 200Hz gap in a hot band.

73, Hans, K0HB

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