[CQ-Contest] Help on choice of CW Narrow filter

Rex J Maner k7qq at juno.com
Sat Apr 17 05:31:36 EDT 1999

Hello Pedro
My 2 cents worth from an old QUACK  K7QQ
I agree with the wider filter width for CW,  I use the TS-970 and on CW
the  maxium bandwidth is 1 khz with 600 hz 400 hz 200 hz. 100 hz 50 hz
steps in the selection.  98 percent of the contest I wish that the 1 khz
was a bit wider.
 On 40 meters only do I use a narrower filter and then the 600 hz .

I find many stations answering CQ's  as much as 2 and even 3 khz off

Now you have to make a choice ,  I personally wouldn't ever go below 500
hz with a choice of only one filter.

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 19:52:59 -0400 "Larry Schimelpfenig"
<lvschim at 1bigred.com> writes:
>It's very encouraging to see more interest in cw from Portugal! My 
>is also for CW!
>I see you have gotten lots of expert advice. Many good operators have
>offered opinions based on their experience. I would like to add a few 
>First, I believe that the experience you have had in working cw 
>without a
>filter is very beneficial to you.  You are learning to use your brain 
>as a
>filter.  From my home qth I have a choice between a 2.4khz ssb filter 
>or a
>400hz cw filter. As much as possible I use the ssb filter. My activity 
>primarily contesting, and I like to use a wider filter if possible 
>many stations seem to have trouble zero beating.  Someone said he used 
>narrow filter all the time and didn't think that the number of 
>stations he
>is missing is significant. Time and again I have listened to stations
>running Europeans from the East Coast who were very obviously using 
>filters, and were not tuning with rit. They had many stations calling, 
>the only ones they were answering were very closely zero beat.
>When operating from my pal NR4M's (ex NJ4F) qth I use an 1800hz filter 
>much as possible. I find that filter wide enough that I don't need to 
>as much with rit. When things get really tough like on 40 when the 
>band is
>full of loud signals I sometimes have to go to a 500hz filter,
>and then I do a lot more tuning with rit.
>Now this is only my opinion. but I believe that if you can only put in 
>cw filter, 250hz is too narrow. As someone else suggested I think 
>400hz is
>an excellent choice, and at home I use a 400hz IR filter. They market 
>great product.
>Stick to cw and use the filters between your ears as much as possible! 
>would say that's probably the first advice you would get from a great 
>contester like Fred K3ZO!
>73 de Larry K7SV
>> Hello !
>> I am a very active operator on the HF bands.
>> I started CW only a few years ago and liked it so much that it is
>> my most comon mode of operation today.
>> For all this time I have never used a CW narrow filter, but it is
>> not very pleasent to operate CW contests withou it, specialy if
>> you  want to work 40m (it is complete caos).
>> Since my equipment supports only one filter I must choose between
>> the 500Hz or the 250Hz filter.
>> At first I thought that the 250Hz would be the best one, but on
>> second thoughts maybe it is too narrow and it would not let me
>> hear operators that are not so well tuned on my frequency but
>> still are trying to answer my call.
>> I wonder what most of the DXers and Contesters use and why.
>> All comments will be apreciated.
>> 73 de CT1ELP Pedro Pedroso
>> ct1elp at amsat.org
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