[CQ-Contest] One More WPX Question

Jon Ogden jono at enteract.com
Wed Apr 21 23:15:14 EDT 1999

OK folks,

Thanks for all the answers to my previous WPX rules post.  I have one 
more for you:

My very last contact was a guy who signed as WH6L/5.  According to the 
rules, a WH6 station operating on the mainland must sign with a valid 
prefix identifier such as W5,K5, etc.  I don't think this guy was very 
serious as I was his 4th QSO.

So how do I score this guy?  If I use report it as W5 I get no multiplier 
benefit.  If I report it as a WH5 (which my program did) I get a 
multiplier.  When you have nearly 740 mults, it makes a big deal!

I want to honestly and accurately report my scores, so what gives?  What 
do I go with?



Jon Ogden

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