[CQ-Contest] Logging SW support Telnet cluster?

Barry Gross n1eu at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 05:32:22 EDT 1999

I'm continuing to receive many responses to the
original post - many thanks.  

I am going to go with WriteLog, because I'm not eager
to run a 2nd computer just for the Telnet feed.  Also,
I often like to fire up my Internet browser with the
Telnet feed active.  No problem under Win95/98 and a
PPP (not SHELL) connection to my ISP.

Also just want to comment that I haven't had good luck
getting DX Telnet running on my system.  I know most
people love it, but there must be DLL issues (or ???)
with some of the other software I have installed.  I'm
happy just using Microsoft Telnet instead.

Barry  N1EU

--- "Jim White, K4OJ" <k4oj at ij.net> wrote:
> I use DX Telnet running on a separate computer then
> input its output into a
> CT network.
> 73,
> Jim, K4OJ

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