[CQ-Contest] Re: LAX is not LA

W2CE W2CE at prodigy.net
Sun Apr 25 08:39:48 EDT 1999

> Ken K6LA wrote:
> > Most of the people who busted QSOs with my exchange were dinged
> > for submitting LA instead of LAX. Now on phone it seems to me
> > that shouldn't be a cause for a busted QSO,
> > as Los Angeles IS LA.

Maybe we need to develope and spread a new set of abbreviations in the
cases of onflicting ones.  LAX - LA   SD -SDG  are certainly at the top
of the error list.
Why couldn't Los Angeles be  LOS ?  Are these abbreviations actually
publlished official ARRL abbreviations or what has developed as
standards fom logging programs.


       73,  Bob Reed,  W2CE

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