[CQ-Contest] It's SV, not SCV!

Jim George, N3BB n3bb at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 25 12:00:05 EDT 1999

An alternative is to say "Sac Valley."  That gets the SV in there
phonetically with the actual name.

>On Sat, 24 Apr 1999, Bill Fisher, W4AN wrote:
>> I frequently make this mistake on SSB.  I'm not from California, and at
>> 150+/hr it is easy for me to make this mistake.  I always have to think
>> twice when someone says "Sacramento Valley".
>Yeah, but...the name of the ARRL section is "Sacramento Valley" not
>"sugar victor".  And the rules say to send your ARRL section name.  But I
>agree, it is probably best to get into the habit of saying "sugar victor".
>Maybe we can lobby to get the section split in two and have "Southern
>Sacramento Valley" and "Northern Sacramento Valley"!
>73, Jim  N6IG
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