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Sun Apr 25 16:11:30 EDT 1999

In a message dated 99-04-25 01:06:50 EDT, rkaufman at videon.wave.ca writes:

<< Observation #2
 11 of the 50 errors in other peoples logs were miscopies of my
 Ck year. They ALL said it was 67 rather than the correct 72. This
 is very suspicious. While my pronunciation may have a bit of a
 ----------------------Howz it goin , eh ?--------------------------------
 "Lake Winnipeg" swing ( that's for all you old cw guys who know
 what a Lake Erie swing is) I can't see how anyone could confuse
 Seven Toooooo with Six Seven. >>

>From time to time, I would insert the word "check" before giving my
check--ie. "200 A K9NW *check* 79 WI"

After a number of acknowledgements along the lines of "QSL the
67 WI, you're......." I learned that some people were copying 6 7
out of "check 7" and somewhere the 9 just got lost in the noise.

I don't say "check" anymore......

Mike  K9NW

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