[CQ-Contest] Re: LAX is not LA

Ralph Bowen rbowen at iglobal.net
Mon Apr 26 00:10:48 EDT 1999

I always thought part of contesting was to develop an edge over the
competition.  In my younger days I made it a point to learn the CORRECT
abbreviations for the names used by the inhabitants to describe their sections.
It doesn't matter that I'm not from California, or wherever.  It's like learning
the code.   When I hear "dih-dah" my brain says "A".   When I hear Sacramento
Valley, Sac-Valley, Sugar Victor, or any variation thereof, my brain says "SV".
When I hear Los Angeles, my brain says "LAX",  New York City = NLI,  Southern
Jersey = SNJ, etc.

Just a matter of learning the language of the trade.   Jim (N6IG): unless you're
wiped out by interference, I won't have to ask you for your section again - and
it will be correct in my log!!

73,  Gator  N5RZ

> I don't believe that we need to develop a NEW set of abbreviations.  There
> are ARRL standard abbreviations and YES they are available on the web site.
> They also used to be published on the official forms in the old paper days.
> IMHO, there is no excuse for not having the correct abbreviations.
> I agree with Bill, I am not from CA and am not intimate with the CA section
> names.  Even after doing SS for decades, I still struggle with some of the
> CA sections.  If I can't think of it immediately, I ask the station for the
> abbreviation.  So, if they just said the abbreviation, it would be faster
> and more accurate for both of us!

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