[CQ-Contest] VE4GV CK

James P. Cassidy 107770.3462 at compuserve.com
Mon Apr 26 03:26:25 EDT 1999

I hink jim AD1C has the most correct answer.  I noted from my CW SS log,
the 5 QSOs I lost due to errors were all the CK.  In my case its because I
probably can't type with enough accuracy, all were one digit off like 57
instead of 67, 69 instead of 79 which I attribute to being one key off.

Also I believe Gator N5RZ has a very valid point, in any contest there are
some abbreviations etc that you really have to know without anything
thinking.  As well, of course, actually copying what was sent.  Its  very
uimportant that an op is very familiar with both the ARRL sections and
abbreviations as well as the states and  accepted abbreviations for them. 
Understandably a very casual op may not be too worried about these things
but if you seriously competing they are critical to better scores.
73 Jim KI7Y  

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