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<< It doesn't matter that the other guys sent his section as IC, or that
 you *think* the other guy sent his section as IC because there was a
 static crash when he sent his section.  It's up to *you* have enough
 savvy to understand that what you copied is nonsense ( >>

This problem is exacerbated even further in state QSO parties. Transcribing 
county names into a log is clearly a matter of the receiving station 
interrogating the sending station until the county name is confirmed. Then, 
when computer logging, it is the responsibility of the receiving station to 
translate the county name into the correct abbreviation, and, one the logging 
program recognizes. This task is made more difficult because there are 
different abbreviations in different logging programs. Within some, there are 
different abbreviations in various revisions of the same logging program. 
This was painfully apparent last weekend in the FQP. It will be even more of 
an issue in the Texas QSO Party, with 256 counties/abbreviations, and I speak 

The obvious solution is to discontinue all phone contests.

Tom, K5RC

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