[CQ-Contest] S&P Procedure

Dale L. Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Apr 27 19:15:20 EDT 1999

>Those of us with little antennas in the Black Hole spend most of
our time in
>DX contests in S&P mode, so we have to develop an efficient way
of going about

>.  Any other thoughts on this?

Nice thread you started, Scott.

When I S&P during CW contests (which is most of the time due to
something called QRP), I'll scan up the band a couple of times,
then down the band of times.  Someone once suggested that going
'against the grain' might keep you out of sync with those who are
also S&P'ing their way 'with the grain'.

I can recall a number of times being in a micro-pileup with
another station and getting beat out.  Then, finding someone else
to work a bit higher, working him, then moving up to find myself
in yet another micro-pileup with the same station I was competing
with before.  It seems to happen frequently enough that it can be
a real time eater.

Of course, for some 'with the grain' might be down the band while
for others it might be up the band.  But, I think the
preponderance of S&P'ers move from the low to high end of the

I also make use of the bandswitch buttons on my Omni VI.  The VI
bandswitch buttons have a notepad feature that keeps VFO info in
two memories.  Pressing the same band button nets yet another VFO
on that band.  So, finding myself beat out at one station, I can
simply press the bandswitch button and tune around looking for
the next QSO.  When I think the first one may be complete, I
press the bandswitch button again and I'm back where I got beat
out to give it another go.

Also, I operate with the idea that that station may not be there
long and may well not be in the contest long.  So, I usually try
to bounce back to him as soon as I can, whether it's after lining
up another station to work or actually working another station, I
will check back to see if the first station is workable.  If it's
K5ZD or K5GN or someone like that, I won't sweat bricks over
trying to work him.  I KNOW I'll work him during the night when
things are slow or Sunday afternoon...Besides, it may well be
they who will then be doing S&P'ing.  If it's a call I don't
recognize (or TR Log doesn't recognize), I will come back
frequently if I don't work him the first time.

dale, kg5u

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