[CQ-Contest] Sctns, abrviatns, et al

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Wed Apr 28 22:00:35 EDT 1999

Well said, Tim.

What I have learned from the discussion is that we need
to fix our errors that have been displayed.

Learn your sections.
Learn the correct way to input them.
Execute properly the above acquired knowledge.

TR will interpete your input and input to the log,
the correct section ID. You can program it to not
do so.

Lesson, learn more about your software.

It all points back to how we, the operators, can improve
our skills.

Thanks, Tim.

Tim Mitchell wrote:
> The bottom line is that by nature a contest has errors.  The winners manage
> their errors better than anyone else.  I don't think it is broken therefore
> I don't think it needs to be fixed.  The only thing broken is the human and
> much of the fun of contesting is pushing ones self to be better and creating
> ways to make yourself/station better.
> 73 Tim K9TM

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