[CQ-Contest] Portable in SS

v31jp at logical123.net v31jp at logical123.net
Wed Apr 28 23:20:08 EDT 1999

I don't sign K8JP/9 in IN. Not required for SS. I am
not portable. Keeps the receiving op on their toes.
I don't have to do it in WPX, but I may. If I don't,
my prefix is K*, if I do, it becomes K9. No gain for
me to send the extra /9.

73 de K8 Joe "Palooka" & Beverly
Joe Pontek
26441 Devaney Road
Arcadia, IN 46030
K8JP, V31JP, VP5/K8JP, VP5JP, K8JP/VA2, ex-K8HKM
Read "The Contest Traveler" in The National Contest Journal
CJ5 '65

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