[CQ-Contest] Sections, abbreviations and the meaning of life

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 29 11:12:05 EDT 1999


It seems to me that this touches on another topic that I don't want to 
rehash, but speaks to something that, to me, is the core question in 
contesting: Is a contest simply a test of how many stations we can work 
or is it also a test of how well we can work them?

If it's the former, then what's the point of an exchange at all? 
And doesn't SS, by its very nature, demand the latter? And doesn't that 
suggest that while we wouldn't want to make an exchange unreasonably 
difficult, we don't want it to be a cakewalk, either?

After all, if the sole intent of a contest was the pure transmission of 
data, would we use a technology that admittedly is as outdated as HF SSB?

(And no flames please: I'm not speaking against HF SSB contesting. I love 
it. But we must admit that as a technology, it's pretty 

If we have a problem with the knowledge of sections, it's up to us to 
study them better. If we're working a casual op who doesn't know his 
section from a hole in the ground, isn't it up to us to help him figure 
it out if we want his Q?

The possibility of errors is what sets SS apart from the QSO fests 
sponsored by the OTHER magazine. (And again, I like those contests. But I 
like SS better.) Let's not diminish a great contest's distinctiveness for 
the sake of some ops who can't be bothered to get the sections right.

73, kelly
ve4xt at mts.net

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