[CQ-Contest] Bandpass filters

Jay Terleski wx0b at arraysolutions.com
Wed Dec 1 16:21:28 EST 1999

Well........ since you ask.

I have the 6 way W3NQN design which was published in QST done.  Bandpass
filter #1 is on its way to me from the outsource assy house for final
testing here and at John W0UN's.

The prototype had measurement numbers just like Ed's article in QST.  It
was a two part article and you must have seen it.  I corresponded with
Ed and found out he was not going to make a 6 way version of it. He
freely helped me and encouraged me to develop the 6 way version, which
is now a reality.  It took along time to get the board just right, Ed. 

Many stations have gone to Ed's single band filters since they have
appox. 70db rejection at the 2nd harmonic.  Ed makes and sells the
single band units and I am not going to build any single banders out of
respect for him. He also makes a fine high power 2KW single bander.

My 6 way version shows the same deep null as well as the steep skirts as
in his article.  We had to diddle with some values since this enclosure
is different and I put it on a Circuit board. The design goals were the

I thank Ed W3NQN and John W0UN for their help in getting this project
finished. In the case of W0UN we discovered an anomalie on the 20m
section which has been corrected.  Thanks John. 

I also want to mention we now have the fine I.C.E. line of products and
the 419A is a 6 way bandpass unit that is very affordable and in 90% of
the cases is all that is needed for most contesters.  I put a custom
system together for Jose CT1BOH for WWCW and I was very impressed with
the ICE 419A. Very ruggedly built unit using silver dipped 500V mica
capacitors.  These should carry good RF currents and maintain the 200W

These two fine filters representing a very high end filter but high
cost, and a mid performance lower cost solution coupled with the SixPak
is clearly a very effective contest station set up.  We are even willing
to cable them up for you.

End of commercial.

If anyone has an interest please contact me via email or phone. 

If anyone has an issue with me being proud of my and I.C.E Ltd.
products....hit delete.

I thought it would be of interest to contesters.


Natan Huffman wrote:
> I need to procure bandpass filters for my growing MS station.  Does anyone
> have any comments or preferences concerning Dunestar or ICE.  Any other
> options out there?
> 73
> Natan W6XR/2
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