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"Felipe J. Hernández" felipe at isla.net
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Regarding the sleep depravation issue, I think that Randy K5ZD wrote
something that explained how the military personel deal with this issue
It was a number of years ago and I dont have clear recolection of it.

But what has really worked for me is using the cycles of REM, example
take a nap of 90 min and you wake up like a king, oversleep and wake
up outside the cycles and you will feel worse.

During this weekend I did two 90 min naps and I felt fantastic
and I had no pre contest rest. Actually I worked all day long friday
putting up a tower and dipoles and had only 5 hours of sleep the previous

Read as much as you can regarding the cycles of rest so you will have a
better understanding of whats happening with you.
Dont matter what you have heard, dont stay awake everynight longer before
the contest, because your body maybe ready to stay awake longer but not
your mind.

During this contest I felt very good and I operated 44 out of the 48 hours
and I felt great and alert all the time, It was 3 hours of sleep and one
hour to fix my computer.
Ive done 48 hours straight and It really has taken the fun of the contest
and with no better result of score. Actually the accuracy % has been the
At the end of this CW99 contest I had no strenght but my mind was ready to
read the sunday paper!
Also very important is what you eat, dont Drink milk, obviuosly dont drink
alcohol!, no salty stuff and plenty of water.

My meal list is as follows:

1. Simple sandwiches (ham and cheese) one of each!
2. granola bars
3. bottled water
4. Gatorade
and yes take your vitamins!!

This is what works for me, everybody is different, I've been doing this
since I was a kid (1982) and age doest make the big difference, just learning
to know yourself and use what youve learned, right now is easier to me than
before. If you have doubts of this, ask Fred K3ZO, Im sure he's got his own

Happy holidays!


At 02:25 AM 12/4/99 -0000, Bob Naumann - N5NJ wrote:
> This raises a question - how do you make yourself relax enough prior to a
> major contest in order to do take a nap ?
> Prior to a big contest I'm constantly churning through thoughts on what to
> do, did I forget anything, what band to be on, etc. etc. etc. and cannot
> relax.
> How do you single-op experts do this ?
> Robert E. Naumann  N5NJ at arrl.net
> N5NJ / V26O
> Plano, TX  USA
> ex KR2J, V26RN, W6V, WA2OVE
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>> > Bill Fisher - W4AN wrote:
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>> > > I slept 4 hours right before the contest.  This kept me going >through
>> the 48 hour contest and I felt better than any other >contest to date.
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>> > Hi Bill, et al
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>> > I've always wondered how people can do this.  The contests start
>> > at 4:00 p.m. local time here, and that would mean I'd have to go
>> > in at noon and go to bed.  When I lay down during the day, my
>> > mind is going 90 miles and hour and I finally just give it up and
>> > get back up.  I've never yet been able to sleep right before the
>> > contest.  I wish I could! 73
>> > Tom W7WHY
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