Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep deprevation

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Sat Dec 4 08:14:13 EST 1999

>This raises a question - how do you make yourself relax enough prior to
>a major contest in order to do take a nap ?

You do it so often that it becomes just another routine in your life that
you don't get anxious about doing.  What's that saying?  "Practice,
practice, practice".  My 5 year old kid is already sick of hearing me
explain amazing feats by people with this one word phrase.

If you really wanted to see this in action, at WRTC96 you could have seen
some VERY anxious competitors.  I'm sure many of them didn't sleep a wink
the night before the event.  I knew that being relaxed and clear headed
would be important.  K4BAI had to shake me several several times to wake
up and operate the radio.  John was very relaxed too.  I think it helped.



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