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<< Prior to a big contest I'm constantly churning through thoughts on what to
  do, did I forget anything, what band to be on, etc. etc. etc. and cannot
  How do you single-op experts do this ? >>

I don't claim to be a single op expert (well, maybe a qrp SOAB expert), but 
over the YEARS (since I was a teenager...guess that makes it "over the 
DECADES") I've always practiced forcing myself to fall asleep on command.  
Now, it is trivial.  I have the ability to recline anywhere and simply "shut 
down."  My wife HATES this!  :-)  You've all probably done the drill.  Close 
your eyes, slow, deep breaths, feel all your muscles relaxing from head to 
toe (slowly), empty your mind and...so-long!  I can do this within 60 seconds 
and I'm alseep.

Having said that, I can say that I've never added in extra precontest sleep.  
I usually have too much left to the last minute.  Often I start the contest 
panting and out of breath cuz I've just come running into the house after 
doing "just one more thing" outside.

What keeps me awake is ACTION.  I just love the excitement and thrill of it 
all.  Everytime I work a mult I get a real charge that gives me an extra 
hour's worth of fortitude.  Even when there is a flare, I'm all-geared-up 
wondering when it will break or what weirdo propagation will occur.  It's a 
real adventure...even after (omagosh) 30 years of contesting.  Guess I'm must 
just a kid in candy shop when it comes to radio.  The brain is in 
control...not the body.

One last thing.  When I go to work the next Monday...I've promised myself to 
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER make an important decision.  By then, the brain is just 
so much goo.

de Doug KR2Q

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