[CQ-Contest] Collegiate Championship combined claimed scores

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Mon Dec 6 13:35:12 EST 1999

     It looks like the combined scoring in the Collegiate Championship will 
be kind of closer than we had thought.  We've recently calculated the 
combined claimed scores (that we know about) based on the assumption that 
W6YX has the highest claimed score in both CW and phone (I would be surprised,
at this point, if there were a higher score out there of which we were all 
still unaware.)

     My guess is that Stanford W6YX will take it, as their claimed score 
gives them a combined total 5.7% higher than the next up, CalTech W6UE.  
The next three in the running are very close, with U. of Arkansas W5YM just 
3.7% ahead of U. of Texas N5XU, which in turn is just 1.4% ahead of N.C. State
W4ATC.  To make it even more fun, Arkansas is ahead because of a fantastic 
CW effort, but the CW scores last year turned out to be more volatile to 
change in the log checking process.  Will Arkansas's lead hold up?  Will 
N.C. State pull ahead with clean logs?

     It wouldn't surprise me at all if after the ARRL log checking is through,
some position swapping takes place in the combined totals.  (Combined totals, 
to remind people, are computed as: ((CW score / highest CW score) * 1000) + 
((Phone score / highest Phone score) * 1000), so the highest you 
can get is 2000.)  There are still a few scores we haven't heard yet, 
notably Worcester Polytech W1YK, who operated both modes, and at least on 
phone were heard giving out serial numbers that could make them competitive 
with the top five.  Combined scores are only computed for colleges that 
entered both modes.


Call   School                     CW  Phone  Total
W6YX   Stanford Univ.            1000  1000   2000 
W6UE   Caltech                    935   952   1887 
W5YM   Univ. of Arkansas          977   567   1544 
N5XU   Univ. of Texas             700   788   1488 
W4ATC  North Carolina State U.    756   712   1468 
W4AQL  Georgia Tech               537   713   1250 
W1AF   Harvard Univ.              827   299   1126 
W0EEE  Univ. of Missouri-Rolla    275   667    942 
WA5BU  Baylor Univ.               160   235    395 
W7UNR  Univ. of Nevada-Reno         2    10     12 

     An interesting observation about the combined scores is that it shows 
that certain colleges did relatively better in phone than they did in CW or
vice versa.  For positions 2 through 8 in the above summary, the relative 
strength ping-pongs: phone, CW, phone, CW, phone, CW, phone....  Higher 
overall phone scores are apparently not affecting the combined competition.

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