Jorge Diez Furest cx6vm at adinet.com.uy
Tue Dec 7 13:09:19 EST 1999

Hello Guys

	I want to have some opinion from you.

	I want to improve my signal so I am getting some information
about an antenna to buy.

	I have a 15 mts. tower with a JVP 4 elements tribander and a
rotable dipole for 40 mts.

	I not have much space to added many monobanders so I am loking
for the best way to have a better signal for my condition.

	I will apreciate sugestions about wich antennas I can have for
10 to 20 mts, If monobanders (I think I haven´t space on my tower
for this setup) or a very good tribander.

I am thinking on a tribander and the question is wich will be the best
one, I get info about the KLM KT34XA and the Force12 C-31XR, but
don´t know wich is the best.

	Another option is to stack two C-3 Force12 antennas, but I
will need a big tower to stack them spaced 35´ . People from Force
12 says that this two stacked have 0.75 less gain than a 6
elem. monoband on 10, 15 and 20 mts. What do you think about this

	I will apreciate some help and advices on wich antenna choose.

	Thanks very much


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