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Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Tue Dec 7 10:51:25 EST 1999

On 12/7/99 1:49, henry at henry at pacinfo.com wrote:

>I get the concept of moving mults to another band to get more points, but
>I'm having a bit of a tought time visualizing the actual process.
>This is what I understand to happen. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
>MULT (ON 21228): CQ TEST

More than likely, the mult won't call CQ TEST, but will call you (or more 
likely, you will call him).

>ME: UR 59 TNX
>This seems like we both loose what ever frequency we were on.

That's a distinct possibility.

> If I had a
>run frequency on the 1st band, I don't when I try to come back to it after
>working the mult I moved. If the mult had a run freq., it's gone when s/he
>trys to go back.

If you use two radios, chances of losing a run frequency are somewhat 
diminished. Of course, even with two radios, you can only transmit one 
signal at a time. But you can keep the run frequency occupied while you 
listen for the mult on another band.

>Did I miss something here? When do I try to move multi.s? When I'm s&p ing,
>or running? How do I deal with giving up my run frequency?

Generally you'll move stations when you are running. You can certainly 
try to move stations when S & Ping, but you are much more likely to get 
negative responses.

As for giving up your run frequency -- you'll have to live with that 
possibility. Part of the challenge behind moving mults is knowing which 
ones are worthwhile to move -- ones that you aren't likely to find on a 
particular band. 

There are always risk in moving mults. There's no guarantee you'll 
actually work the multipler on the other band, and you may lose your fun 

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