[CQ-Contest] Intimidating CW Speeds?

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Thu Dec 9 17:17:16 EST 1999

"Want to try CW in the 10-Meter Contest, but shy away because it seems like
everyone is sending at 35 WPM? There is a solution for operators who want to
run CW at less than 20 WPM. During the contest we encourage slow-speed CW
operation between 28.050 and 28.080 MHz, and between 28.100 and 28.130 MHz.
Look for contacts in these segments and you'll be able to participate at
comfortable code speeds. "

You can tell whoever wrote this at the League has no idea of actual activity
patterns on 10M with the current conditions.  During CQWW there were
high-speed contest stations (and good DX) working pileups well above 28.100
and almost to 28.200.  Assuming conditions for the ARRL 10M contest are
anything like CQWW (either mode), newcomers expecting to find slow speed CW
in these ranges are gonna be in for a rude shock.

I'm sure whoever wrote this based it on the notion that high speed stations
tend to stay low in the band, while the slower ops migrate up high.  While
this may still be true, I have found that these days big guns too are going
high to avoid the crowding down low.  We spent a fair amount of time running
above 050 on various bands in CQWW with good rates - and we weren't going
slow either.



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