[CQ-Contest] Stew Rules

Bruce Lallathin aa8u at modempool.com
Sun Dec 12 21:24:53 EST 1999

I read the rules for the Stew Perry contest as posted on web.jzap.com  What 
I don't understand is, how many off times are allowed at what duration 
minimum. Once I start to operate, do I have to stay on for a maximum of 14 
hours with no off time allowed? The rules aren't clear on this....to me anyway.

I worked a dozen Europeans the night before the ARRL 160 contest using 
about 5 watts so I think I'll enter the Stew Perry event QRP and see how I 
do. I worked a bunch of QRP stations in SS and the ARRL 160 contest. I am 
tempted to try it from here and see how it goes.


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