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Mon Dec 13 23:08:45 EST 1999

The noise cancellers work great in VERY noisy environments with lots of low 
frequency noise. Most are made to attenuate noise by 15-20 dB in the 60-150 
Hz region that are generated by propeller driven airplanes. I couldn't live 
without mine in the plane, but I don't think they are worth the money or 
effort for radio use, unless you have some really loud operators in a M/M...


Will AA4NC / W4MR

n a message dated 12/13/99 4:08:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, paule at sfu.ca 

<< Has anyone had any experience with "noise cancelling" headphones?
 I just tried a pair of Sony MDNR5's and they look promising.
 I am getting ready for a multi multi operation next year, and
 need a set of headphones for a noisey environment. I usually
 use one of a couple of pairs of Sennheiser phones that I have,
 and they are fine for a relatively quiet environment. I
 should mention that these are for cw purposes, and I don't
 want to be distracted by the ssb op next to me...
 Thanks for the time.
 cheers, Paul VE7CQK/email: paule at sfu.ca

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