[CQ-Contest] Force12 C 31XR Vs. Bencher Skyhawk

Jorge Diez Furest cx6vm at adinet.com.uy
Mon Dec 13 18:41:03 EST 1999

Thanks guys very much for the info you sent to me. I get some usefull
information.  At this moment I have that the Force12 C 31XR and the
Bencher Skyhawk will be the two one´s between I will chose.  I
think that will be the Force12 but: Some guys say to me that Force12
have a powerful Marketing and have the same performance than Skyhawk.
The Skyhawk is smaller so if it have the same performance will be
better, I think that C31XR is better because it have longer boom and
3, 4 and 7 elem against 3,3 and 4 from Skyhawk on 20, 15 and 10

 What do you think???

So finally I want to get more comparison info between this two
antennas, the Force12 C-31XR and the Bencher Skyhawk At the end of the
mail are some info about this two antennas that I got from the

Thanks very much Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year 2000

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