[CQ-Contest] Working Dupes

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Tue Dec 14 15:43:21 EST 1999

> >These are all good reasons why you should always work a dupe.  If one of
> >you gets credit for two QSO's because of this, then so be it.
> I can't conceive of a series of events where anyone would get credited 
> for two QSOs in any of these scenarios. 

W2XXX works HG1S, but logs HG1H.
Later, W2XXX calls HG1S.  HG1S thinks W2XXX is a dupe, but works him anyway.

When the log checking occurs:

HG1S's log has W2XXX in it, twice. One QSO counts; the other is tossed (no
penalty) as a dupe.

W2XXX's log has HG1S in it: OK.  It also has HG1H in it.  HG1H is not in the
contest, so he is a unique.  W2XXX gets credit for the QSO; uniques count.

Last time I heard, only callsigns are checked.  A big list (like a dupe
sheet) of all calls worked (by band)is made and then compared.  No attempt
is made to check the times of the contacts.

So, W2XXX gets two QSO credits!  And HE busted the call.
Of course, had HG1H been in the test, W2XXX's "QSO" would likely not have
been a unique.  He would have lost the QSO and gotten penalized.


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