[CQ-Contest] Working Dupes

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Wed Dec 15 08:43:45 EST 1999

OK. My example of HG1S vs. HG1H leaves a little to be desired.

I was answering a post that said that there was no conceivable way for this
to happen:
> I can't conceive of a series of events where anyone would get credited 
> for two QSOs in any of these scenarios. 

I was trying to show an example of working the same guy twice and getting
two QSOs out of it.
The fact that HG1H is a "plus one" is valid;  I'm sorry I used it.

I'll try again.

If you work UA0ABC and bust him (badly) as UA9UDK and then re-work him and
log him correctly as UA0ABC, you will POSSIBLY get credit for two QSOs (if
UA9UDK is not active in the contest).  Since in DX contests there is often
not much of an exchange to cross check there's not much the software can do
beyond checking the call itself.  Apparently, the software is checking by
time in SOME (like unique+1) cases.  In unique+2 cases it apparently does
not. Am I wrong?

If all the concern is for SS, then there is plenty of "exchange" to
cross-check and apparently they are.
Obviously, MY example (with HG1S, et al) was NOT for SS.

If my scenario is IMPOSSIBLE, let me know.  The post I responded to said
"can't conceive".  It didn't say "unlikely".

Sorry for any misunderstanding.


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