[CQ-Contest] advise on prospective WRTC team mate

Eric Scace scace at uu.net
Wed Dec 15 15:09:19 EST 1999

Hi --

   PVRC has nominated me to lead a WRTC-2000 team... and now I need to chose
a good teammate.  While I know many great USA contesters who might fit the
bill, there are surely many others that I do not know.  So I am looking for
your advice (or even self-promotion *grin*) to complete a winning team.

   Some desirable attributes & rationale for a matching teammate:

1.  Must be a US citizen and can not be a member of PVRC, as per WRTC Rules.

2.  Excellent at decoding CW/SSB pileup tapes.
   As demonstrated over the years at Dayton, I'm not finishing at the top of
the competition on pileup tapes.  Since some undefined portion of the WRTC
results will be determined by success at pileup tapes, the best teammate
will be one who consistently wins these competitions.

3.  A little stronger at running CW, compared to SSB.
   While I love any form of contesting and am perfectly competent on CW, I'm
a bit more efficient at SSB.  An ideal teammate will be faster than me on

4.  Hands-on experience with central European propagation.
   I've got some experience, but multipliers are another part of the WRTC
scoring system... so extra experience in detecting cool openings is great.
Contesting/DXing experience from a variety of countries around the world
would be a good attribute.

5.  Compatible radio and software experience.
   Each team has to provide its own radios and software.  I spent many hours
sitting in front of FT-1000MP, TS-950, TS-940, CT and WriteLog.

6.  Compatible personalities.
   I'm pretty easy going, focused, quite analytical, and very difficult to

7.  Desire and proven ability to win with the highest ethical standards.

   Thanks for your ideas and help.

-- Eric K3NA

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