[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand Dx Challenge

lew at teleport.com lew at teleport.com
Wed Dec 15 03:20:57 EST 1999

Greetings TopBand Contesting Enthusiasts,
     The 4th Running of the Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge will occur
this weekend. Everyone and their proverbial code-capable dog will be on
the air, flogging the ether, competing on one of the toughest,
unpredictable bands in a fun contest. The rules have been promulgated,
printed, reflectorized, pasteurized and are out there.
     Several TopBand Stalwarts have stepped up to sponsor Plaques for
Certain Categories that are important. The following is a list of these
plaques that have been sponsored.

Sponsor                                Category
AA4NN                  Top Score S/O, Hi-Power Europe
EI7IU                  Most S.American stations worked
K1PX                   Top Score, 100W, Europe
N7CL                   Top Score Oceania
K7CA                   Top Score from S. America
N5UL                   Top Score World-Wide
N0JK                   Top MidWest 100W score
K1KY                   2ed Highest Score in Tennessee
Low Band Monitor       Top S/O Score N. America
KJ9C                   Top Score > 400 miles from Ocean
N7JW                   Top Score Japan
N7GC                   Top 100W score, WVDXC vs WWDXC
KL7RA                  Top Score OP > 50 years old
N5IA                   Most Grid Squares Worked
KI7Y                   Top USA West Coast S/O Score
WA2DFI                 Top Canadian Score
Boring Amateur Radio Club     Top West Coast Multi-Op Score
Boring Amateur Radio Club     Highest Prime Number Score
Boring Amateur Radio Club     Best Looking Feature of a Competing Station
    You, too, can sponsor a plaque for whatever category you feel is
important. Suggestions involving obscenity or categories in questionable
taste are subject to approval by the Sub-Committee on Smut of The Boring
Amateur Radio Club. All decisions are capricious, final and are not
influenced by small donations to the Club.
    The above Sponsoring stalwarts simply e-mailed me their category and
followed up with $50.00 via check or VISA and they have become
immortalized as TopBand Supporters. These Plaques are way cool..just ask
any of the past few years' winners.
    Remember to get on the air this weekend, take a break from all the
Holiday QRM and clear your senses with some competition in the Stew Perry
TopBand DX Challenge, brought to a 160M frequency you can find, by The
Boring Amateur Radio Club.
   73 and I remain,
    Chief Plaque-Meister

ps. If this Posting, The TopBand, or Contesting offends you.....Then there
must be something really wrong with you....

         Lew  Sayre   W7EW/W7AT           lew at teleport.com
         P.O.Box  3110                    Fax 503-391-2258
         Salem, Oregon 97302              160M thru 1296MHz

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