[CQ-Contest] Working Dupes

Gerald J Kersus gjk at hogpb.mt.att.com
Wed Dec 15 10:15:58 EST 1999

The paranoia about logging dupes is amazing.  When called by a dupe, I
usually just log it.  The only exception is if a station calls again 
after only a few few minutes.  I assume he was just working a station 
close to me.

During CQWW CW, I called a PY1 station (who reported a pretty nice score)
twice to be told I was a dupe.  The first time I just tuned on.  Later that
day, I called him again.  After he sent "QSOB4", I sent "no  W1GD".  He
actually replied with a time for the QSO!!!  I quickly checked that time
(plus and minus about 15 minutes) and there was nothing even close to his 
call.  I decided to not waste any more time for a simple 3-point QSO. So, he's 
not in my log.  I suspect he'll get hit with a 3 QSO penalty.  But, at
least his log doesn't have any dupes in it.....

Gerry, W1GD

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