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Clive Whelan Clive_Whelan at compuserve.com
Wed Dec 15 18:29:04 EST 1999


<< Another related question, as someone who is just learning how 
to run after
years of S&P with inferior antennas --

Is it better, on average, when working through a pileup, if you 
can't copy
a full call, to:

1.  reply with a fragment of the call and send the exchange -- 
e.g. "AVK


2.  send the fragment plus "?" and get the fill before sending 
the exchange. >>

I can't speak for SSB, but suspect you refer to CW anyway?

In that case option 1 without doubt imo. In the second case, 
many Eu stations will ignore the fragment and call  again, but 
in my experience very few will do that in case 1, and all you 
have to do is correct the call, very easy in TR as you know.

Of course if you are fortunate enough to be able to run JAs 
option 2 will work with their impeccable discipline. US ops are 
somewhere in between in my experience, although closer to the JA 

Now all I need is a better antenna to exploit this!




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