[CQ-Contest] Readability of signals

John T. Laney, III K4BAI at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 16 09:27:17 EST 1999

The worst problem I have with cw readability in contests is the very
large number of stations who have dots that are so light that I can't
read them easily.  I guess this results from too many ops using full QSK
on rigs that cut the characters so drastically in QSK that the dots
hardly come through at all.  This is another good example of the need to
listen to your own transmitted signal.  There are some very well known
and active ops whose dots are so light as to be difficult to read to
those unfamiliar with their calls and usual exchanges.  The guys who are
new or not so active as to be known are especially difficult to work and
log correctly.  I have tried telling weak JA stations calling me in the
Caribbean to turn the full QSK off so I can copy their calls, but they
don't ever seem to understand and the (unnecessary) struggle to get the
calls correct goes on.  73, John, K4BAI/8P9HT.

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