[CQ-Contest] re: 10 Meter Contest Rule Violations

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Thu Dec 16 10:54:22 EST 1999

Hans - K0HB writes:

> Whoa, Pilgrim!  A rule is a rule.  

But I think we all need to understand the rule.
It is clear from the posts I have seen over the last 
few days not everyone is clear on the the ARRL's intent
seems to be - to be honest I am not sure either but I can
offer up some help.  N1ND made a post on this subject last
year at about this same time.

You can find it here:


Also - if you really like this thread you can read more posts
on this subjext that were made in December of 1998 - I am sure not
for the first time and clearly not for the last time. 

Just check out this page:


Have fun.


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