[CQ-Contest] re: 10 Meter Contest Rule Violations

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Thu Dec 16 11:35:22 EST 1999

Hans - K0HB writes:
> No matter how you weave and spin and dodge, setting up a run frequency
> between 28.3 and 28.35 is in open violation of the rule. Several 
> stations (and not all DX, as if that matters) were camped in that
> segment all weekend.  This is not some stealth rule which was just
> instituted at 2359Z on Friday to trap the unwary -- it's been around 
> for years, and ought to be enforced.

You are correct - that is the rule. 

There have be all sorts of comments on here over the past few
days about this rule - and it seems clear that not everyone
is on the same page.  I was trying to clear things up - it is 
clear from N1ND's post that:

You can not call CQ or solicit contacts in the 28.300-28.350
range if you plan to submit a log to the ARRL.

This does not stop folks from calling CQ in that range.

It also does not stop folks from answering those CQing stations.

Answering those stations is NOT against the rules of the contest.


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