[CQ-Contest] When to mult? Summary.

Paul Pershin un7lg at krcc.kz
Fri Dec 17 07:33:40 EST 1999

Hi everybody,
I'd like to express only my own approach to how work a mult.
Having  a big enough experience in a variety of contests from my home-like
others HAMs from their local and well know position-I've figured out the
proportion between a quantity of QSO and mults.
The result is that one Mult costs 5-6 QSO(in CQWW).So,taking into account
this factor I try to choose a strategy that meet this propotion or else if I
spend a lot of time looking for  mults or I forget about mults and run only
for QSO as a rule my result is always not so good as it could be.
Of course,everyone wants to score as many points as possible but it is not
very easy to perform this task during a contest just making QSOs and Mults
.Sometimes it helps me to choose the right strategy in some contests in
which I  know a expected quantity of mults  and it makes me more confident
that I am running to a optimum final score.
Hope my approach will be useful in some way to someone.

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