[CQ-Contest] Getting QSLs from stations I did not work (10m test)

Bob NX5M nx5m at alpha1.net
Thu Dec 16 18:53:30 EST 1999

This is strange.
Today several qsl cards arrived from qsos during the 10 Meter Contest.
Two of them have me totally confused.  One is from Pennsylvania and the
other is from Tennessee.  Both calls are not in my log and both have
times and modes listed that do not match the mode I was on.  I do not
even have calls close to theirs anywhere in a 1 hour time frame from the
time they claim the qsos were made.  One is for CW and the other for
SSB.  In both cases, I was operating on the opposite mode.

My first reaction to this is that there was someone out to play games
during the contest and bootleg other stations callsigns.  I can not come
up with any other logical solution as to why these ops would send me qsl
requests unless they were 100% sure that we worked eachother.  Being
different modes is what really stumps me.  
I certainly hope that no one would do what I have implied....but if that
is the case....where do we go from here?
I am going to keep a close watch to see if any more of these qsls show
up for qsos that never happened....well, with the REAL me anyhow.
I cannot honestly say that THIS IS exactly was was happening.  Maybe one
of you has an idea that I cannot come up with to explain it.

A few years ago someone had recorded my "CQ NA" message and was playing
it...and was working people.  Now this!
If any of you end up in a similar situation I would be interested to
know the details.

I am really frustrated!!!

Other than that.....
Happy Holidays everyone!!!

73 Bob NX5M

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