[CQ-Contest] *International* Contest/DX meeting in Helsinki,FINLAND,21-22 January,2000!

Pasi Luoma-aho pasi.luoma-aho at sysopen.fi
Wed Dec 15 22:50:26 EST 1999

Welcome to the 6th *International* Contest / DX meeting in Helsinki,
on 21-22 January, 2000!

Dear fellow Contesters / DXers!

Remember this past contest season?  The one with *THE* scores?

Wouldn’t you want to “re-live” some of those moments and feelings again?

Wouldn’t you want to personally meet some of the people behind those
magnificent scores?
Wouldn’t you want to learn something from the world top-class
Wouldn’t you…

I know you would!

What you should do, is to…

*** Come to Helsinki, FINLAND, on 21-22 January 2000! ****

And why?   Well, here’s why…

With special thanks to the Amateur Radio Club of Finnish Bradcasting
Company (FBC) – OH2NM / OH2YLE – a club with long and remarkable
traditions in OH contesting – we are happy to announce the following:

On Saturday, 22-Jan-2000, at 11:00 – 18:30 (local time), in the
auditorium of the main building of FBC (address: Radiostreet 1), you can
enjoy for example these following contest/DX related presentations and
talks (some changes still possible):

“Contesting at high level”
by Jose CT1BOH (P40E etc.)

“CN8WW - CQWW 1999 Multi/Multi –story.  The logistics and the planning
behind it all…”
by Ben DL6FBL (CN8WW, etc.)

“HC8N – The new QTH – finding it, moving there, and…”
by Trey N5KO (HC8N, etc.)

“10000+ qsos and 27M points in CQWW SSB SOAB @ EA8BH” (op. Jeff/N5TJ)
by Martti OH2BH (EA8BH, etc.)

“A short study of stacked Yagi-Uda antennas”
by Jay WX0B (designer of the world known StackMatches/“Sixpacks”)

“The Great 1999 CQ160 CW ShootOUT (between W2GD/W8JI/K1ZM)”
by John W2GD (P40W, etc.)

“E44DX – the CQWW 1999 SSB 80m single band –story”
by Pekka OH1RY (EA8AH, etc.)

“CQWW 1999 SSB @ V26B”
by Carsten DL6LAU (V26B, etc.)

“Malyj Vysotskij Island, R1MVZ”

“A ‘whatever’ -story     (it doesn’t really matter…;-)
by Olli OH0XX (8R1K, etc.)

Some of the above presentations will be held during the evening-buffet
at Hotel Seaside Jollyboat Bar  (see hotel info below).   The
buffet-party will take place at 19:30 – 02:00 (local time).  The buffet
cost (food) will be around 100-150,- FIM  (about $25 US).

As you see, there will be a  L O T  of contest/DX-talk and “rag-chewing”
in the air that weekend!

NOTE!  The “rag-chewing” will start already on Friday evening,
21-Jan-2000, around 19:00  (local time) at Hotel Seaside lobby, where
most of the foreign and domestic visitors will gather into a
‘not-to-be-missed’ “gettogether”.  ;-)

Last January (1999) already 100+ keen contesters / DXers from OH, SM,
ES, YL, LY, DL, I, G, HA and W joined the meeting, and we are happily
expecting many of them to be back again this January, now together with
their contesting / DXing pals, friends, XYL’s/YL’s, etc.

About accommodation:

Contest Club Finland has reserved a “quota” of rooms for the visitors at
Hotel Seaside, where also the Friday evening’s “gettogether” as well as
Saturday evening’s buffet-party will be arranged.

left, but there is a big travelling exhibition being held in Helsinki at
the same time with the meeting, and finding a hotel room for the meeting
weekend may become very difficult soon after Christmas!  Please act NOW!

Hotel Seaside is located  “by the sea, in the heart of Helsinki, close
to the West harbour terminal”  (where the boats to Estonia leave/come).

Hotel address / contact info:

Hotel Seaside
Ruoholahdenranta 3
00180 Helsinki

tel: +358-9-69-360
fax: +358-9-69-32-123
e-mail: seaside at seasidehotel.fi

Room prices per night (weekend, Fri-Sat/Sat-Sun):
- double room (breakfast included), 550,- FIM, i.e about $ 92 US.
- single room (breakfast included),  450,- FIM, i.e. about $ 76 US.

When booking a room, please mention the code “Contest Club Finland -
CCF” (or hotel’s own reservation code 32.477).

More info of the hotel and the surroundings can be found at
http://www.seasidehotel.fi .

More info of the Friday night’s “gettogether”, Saturday’s agenda and the
evening buffet, etc. will be given later on CCF's www-page:
http://www.contesting.com/ccf .

Please forward this information to your fellow contesters / DXers via
e-mail, www-pages, packet, bulletins, newsletters, qsos, “eye-ball”,

When you decide to come to the meeting, please let Pasi OH2IW know of
you and your time-schedules as soon as possible:

Contact info:

Pasi Luoma-aho, OH2IW
e-mail:  OH2IW at sral.fi  or  OH2IW at sysopen.fi
tel. (mobile) +358-400-436543  (active "24h" / short text messages also

73 & cu in Helsinki, FINLAND!

Pasi OH2IW
Contest Club Finland – CCF
One of the “Paksalo Philharmonics” – OH2U – The new (claimed) CQWW
Multi-Multi CW European Record holder!

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