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Sat Dec 18 02:02:51 EST 1999

Greetings TopBand Contesting Enthusiasts,
     Within hours the Contest will commence. This post lists the most up
to date categories available to the Warriors. Please peruse the list 
as there may very well be a plaque, sponsored by a TopBand Hero (tm),
which you...yes I said you.. could win!
     If you think there is even a remote chance of a plaque for you..then
please include whatever qualifier is necessary to give you a crack at it
when you submit your entry. The Boring Amateur Radio Club's ESP seems to
work only on 6M so far and does not lengthen out to the 160M band.
    Just look at this list below...follow the asterisks as needed.
Sponsor                                Category
AA4NN                  Top Score S/O, Hi-Power Europe
EI7IU                  Most S.American stations worked
K1PX                   Top Score, 100W, Europe
N7CL                   Top Score Oceania
K7CA                   Top Score from S. America
N5UL                   Top Score World-Wide
N0JK                   Top MidWest 100W score
K1KY                   2ed Highest Score in Tennessee
Low Band Monitor       Top S/O Score N. America
KJ9C                   Top Score > 400 miles from Ocean (Black Hole)   
N7JW                   Top Score Japan
N7GC                   Top 100W score, WVDXC vs WWDXC
KL7RA                  Top Score OP > 50 years old
N5IA                   Most Grid Squares Worked
KI7Y                   Top USA West Coast S/O Score
WA2DFI                 Top Canadian Score
Boring Amateur Radio Club     Top West Coast Multi-Op Score
Boring Amateur Radio Club     Highest Prime Number Score
Boring Amateur Radio Club     Best SoapBox Comment
W7GG                   Top Score by Op > 60
W8JI                   Wiley Bunn Golden Ear Plaque *
WA9IRV                 Top Score WI,MN,ND,ON,MB 
W4CAT                  Top Score Tennessee
QSL's by N0TT          Top Score S/O, age < 21, Q's > 50
ND3A                   Top Score VK/ZL
WA4TT                  Top Score Asia
K1FK                   Top Score Maine
W1TO                   Longest DX 100W
Comtek Systems         Top Score USA
KQ6ES                  Top Score 100W, Radiator < 46'

*-Wiley Bunn Golden Ear Plaque..is awarded to a QRO station that obtains
the most points from working qrp and low power stations

      Remember that the Contest exists to have fun with the band and each
other. Stations hogging certain frequencies or QRMing real DX will
undoubtedly be ridiculed and made fun of, not only by The Boring Amateur
Radio Club, but by TopBanders everywhere. Peer pressure can be a beautiful
thing! Enough preaching to the choir..Fill the near Solstice and the far
field with RF and have a good time.
      73 and I remain,
     Lew  w7ew/w7at...aka.. the non-dental plaque guy
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club

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>From Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz at arrl.net>  Sat Dec 18 18:54:22 1999
From: Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz at arrl.net> (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 18:54:22 +0000
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Kenwood TS-930S Problem
Message-ID: <385BD85E.9B23E226 at gte.net>

Maybe someone has experienced a problem that has come up with my old
930, and has an idea how to fix it.

Friday, before the 10 Meter Contest, I would check the band from time to
time, to see how it was doing, and what was coming in.

The first thing "out of the ordinary" I noticed, is that the radio would
come on tuned to 14.000 MHz (it almost always stays on whatever the last
frequency was - unless it hasn't been turned on in a long time).

The second "odd" thing that happened, while the radio was tuned to 28
MHz (I had the volume turned down doing something else), I glanced over,
and the display again showed 14.000 MHz.

Finally, the last thing that happened, I turned on the radio (about 4
hours before the contest), and there was no digital display and all
functions on the radio were lost (except on and off!)

Sound familiar?  What did you do to get it working again?

Thanks & 73, Ron  

One of the W1AW/4 Crew - IARU/WRTC-2000

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