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Charles W. Shaw n5ul at wtaccess.com
Sun Dec 19 15:38:06 EST 1999

K4OJ wrote:
	>Ken successfully used a second antenna this past weekend of a
>beverage...this sounds intriguing
>As far as my dilemma this sounds like the ticket...

	This thread brings to mind something related: Back in 1982
K5SOR and I set up a One-Antenna 160M contest station with two rigs
(an OMNI D and an OMNI A) so that one of us could look for new QSO's
while the other operated.
	Those Omni's had an antenna connector on the back which
allowed connecting either an external RX, OR the input of a RX only
antenna.  I hooked the two connectors together on the two rigs.  Then
put an extra line from the Keying line of the "main" rig to the key
input of the "search" rig.  Then turned the power on the "search" rig
as low as it would go and put a dummy load on its TX output.  Two
cables with phono plugs and a double PL-259 for the dummy load.
	This gave us Ten-Tec full QSK on both rigs at the same time,
but only the "main" could TX.  The standby op tuned around and passed
pencil notes to the main op.  Have we progressed?

73, Charles - N5UL

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