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Mon Dec 20 09:20:01 EST 1999

W4AN writes:


I will second (and third that), the whole premise is against the logic of 
competition - pushing the envelope, striving for max. It is like having Indy 
500 admitting bicycles and skateboards, giving them multiplier of 50 and 100 
resp. Listing the scores together and making the QRPer win the contest, 
taking free ride on them high and low power guys is contrary to the spirit of 
competition. (Or should we all enter as QRPers and have "fun"?)
    Another "thing" that seems to be happening in contesting is the use of 
superstations entering the single op or single band categories, as well as 
some of top guns entering QRP categories. It is not against the rules, but I 
feel that superstations should be used for what they were built for - multi 
categories or the owner using it and entering as a single op. Also entering 
QRP category for the sake of showing off that you can cream them life long 
QRPers, is like Muhammad Ali showing up at the regional boxing championship 
and beating up the local guys. Same for the low power category. Personally if 
I achieved the level of placing in top ten, and competitive station setup, I 
wouldn't enter QRP category or low power (unless I was Italian limited to 
300W :-). I prefer to compete in the highest, most difficult or competitive 
category I can qualify for. Live it to the guys that are "stuck" in those 
categories because of their limitations, let them fight amongst themeselves. 
Or are we into "politically correct" crap, like listing QRP and lower power 
first in the listings and records? 
    For those aspiring and looking for the real contest, please check the 
Tesla World Cup 2000 page (http://members.aol.com/k3bu/TeslaRC.htm). Rules 
are being finalized and we will enter now promotion phase and we believe that 
this contest will answer many burning concerns about contesting and be worthy 
of name of the greatest engineering genius that gave us electricity and radio 
communications. We are still looking for area directors and trophy sponsors. 
Have a Mery Christmass and very Happy and Competitive New Year 2k!

Yuri Blanarovich

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