[CQ-Contest] Stew (and categories)

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Dec 20 13:59:52 EST 1999

At 10:27 AM 12/20/1999 -0600, Hans -- K0HB wrote:
>Ward Silver wrote:
>> Sometimes an amplifier is just an amplfier.
>And sometimes an amplifier is just an equalizer for those of less

Guys, guys ... this is getting out of hand.  It *is* silly to disparage
QRP.  It is not silly to argue, as Bill did, that the rules of the Stew are
so skewed as to discourage serious competitors from even entering the high
power class.

Maybe it's a far-fetched analogy, but how many fledgling moon-bouncers had
their first QSO with W5UN or another of the super-stations, and were
encouraged to hang in there, get better, build up their stations for the
next one, etc.?  

73,  Pete N4ZR

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