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Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 15:41:46 EST 1999

  K3BU wrote : 

 1) Another "thing" that seems to be happening in
contesting is the use of superstations entering the
single op or single band categories, as well as 
some of top guns entering QRP categories. It is not
against the rules, but I feel that superstations
should be used for what they were built for - multi 
categories or the owner using it and entering as a
single op. 


 2) For those aspiring and looking for the real
contest, please check the Tesla World Cup 2000 page .

On point # 1 :

 I see nothing wrong with entering whatever catagory
you want to. I think you will find that the people 
that win the LP and QRP classes have very good 
antennas and stations. If they ran high power they
would be very competitive in that class. You are not 
going to win that often using LP/QRP and wires. I 
know this because I regularly get beat out by these
guys when I am running a KW and dipoles. 

On Point # 2 :

 I doubt that the Tesla Cup is a REAL contest or will 
be one because  A) the exchange is too complicated and

that will scare away causal participants and 
B) There are already enough contests on the calendar
for this to be very popular.

               jeff  KU8E


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