[CQ-Contest] More Skewering the Power-skewed Stew

Mark Beckwith swca at ionet.net
Tue Dec 21 15:27:39 EST 1999

Interesting digest about QRP in the Stew.  I knew little if anything about
this contest before getting on - I just got up an antenna at home that
afternoon and wanted to see if it worked.

I was amazed at how weak everyone was.

I wasn't trying to be competitive, I made 80 QSOs, snagged just about
everyone I called, and decided the antenna works fine but I have terrible
line noise.

I would never enter this contest to win it becuase I would have to operate
QRP and, as was already pointed out, life is too short for that nonsense,
especially when contesting costs "wife coupons."

Bill is right.  If this contest is to grow bigger and bigger, it should get
un-skewed away from the QRP advantage it currently has.  160 Meters is just
no place for 5 watts.  I operated the CQWW once (4A2MX-1991) with 5 watts
and that was bad enough and there was a lot more to do.


Glad my antenna works.

Mark, N5OT

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