[CQ-Contest] Stewing about QRP

Dale L. Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Dec 21 17:42:37 EST 1999

>N2MG wrote:
>"In fact, it seems that the station working the QRPer should be given a
>bonus, too, not just the QRPer."
>        Very true!  I would argue that the station RECEIVING a QRP
>exchange on 160 deserves more points than the one transmitting!
>Receiving ability is the most important part of 160 operation yet
>a QRO station with excellent Beverages is relatively penalized for
>a making a two-way contact that is more work for him than the QRP
>station.  W8JI even donated a plaque this year for the station
>working the most QRP'ers!


I KNOW you guys are joking here.  Boy, I hope so.

Otherwise, what you are saying is that LP and HP stations are NEVER weak.  And
a QRP station is ALWAYS weak.  Right?


dale, kg5u

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