[CQ-Contest] qsl's w/o sase

henry henry at pacinfo.com
Thu Dec 23 21:10:40 EST 1999

I had a great time in the recent 10m round-up, but have run into a bit of a

I'm getting a slew of qsl cards. After getting over the shock of having
anyone wanting a card from Oregon, I'm discovering that it can get expensive.

The ones that come with a sase are no problem. If there were only a few
that don't have an sase, that would be ok, to. However, I'm getting a bunch
that are just cards. These people want a card and want me to pay for
postage. I don't want to seem like a piker, but I also don't want to be
shelling out $20 or so in postage.

What is a newbie contester to do?

I want to do something that is in between the paying for everything and not
sending qsl's w/o an sase.



henry at pacinfo.com

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