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TOMK5RC at aol.com TOMK5RC at aol.com
Fri Dec 24 12:11:43 EST 1999

I have faced the same dilemma for years. My station typically makes 7,000 to 
10,000 QSO's per year. My qsls are $.35 apiece to print. Now that I live in 
NV and in a county with only 8 hams, I have established my "house rules" for 
o  Every card received gets answered
o  Every card with an SASE gets answered within a week
o  Bureau cards get answered within a month
o  US with no SASE go in a pile that is labeled "When an Outgoing US QSL 
Bureau Is Available"

The only exceptions is brand new hams who haven't learned the courtesy of an 
SASE. They get a card and a note. I have 40 years of QSL's in the attic and 
don't especially need any more, although I do look forward to the envelopes 
from the bureau every month. For those of you who send cards to K5RC, K7GJ, , 
however, if you want one back, please send an SASE.

Just one person's opinion.
Tom, K5RC
Virginia City  NV

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