[CQ-Contest] Using the IC775DSP for contesting with the Heil Headset

Dave Rich kg0us at swbell.net
Sun Dec 26 16:12:15 EST 1999

I would like to ask you two questions:

I installed both the optional 1.8 KHz SSB filters.  I notice that when
in SSB mode that when the Wide light is illuminated that the 9 MHz LED
is also illuminated and can not be turned off.  If I press it to try to
turn it "off" the radio sounds a different beep than normal.  I do
believe that I can turn the 455 KHz LED  "on" and "off" when the wide
button is illuminated.  Is this normal?

I purchased the Heil HC5 headset and Heil microphone Pre Amplifier
(HMP). I tested out the combination with a couple of friends who are
about 15 miles away.  We used 10 meters in the evening when the band was
down.  They could not tell much difference whether I used the Pre
Amplifier or not.  I could however see more ALC meter deflection with
the Pre Amplifier installed.  They did not seem to think the radio was
splattering even if I had the Mic gain fully clockwise.  I however did
notice the ALC stayed pretty much at maximum deflection so I back off
the gain to about 12 o'clock.

My problem seems to be when I use the Compressor.  When I have the meter
in the COMP position and the COMP button illuminated I do not see much
meter deviation even with maximum drive fully clockwise.  My friends say
that they can tell a difference with the COMP "on" but that I sound like
a person should with the COMP "on" even with Drive and Comp fully
clockwise.  This does not seem right to me.  I do not see the meter ever
going to 20db on compression.  Is this something to do with the
characteristics of the Heil headset or am I doing something wrong?

Thank You for your time,

Happy New Year,

Dave KG0US

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