[CQ-Contest] Remote Operation

John Langdon jlangdon at outer.net
Tue Dec 28 10:14:17 EST 1999

I have previously tried some of the old DTMF based systems via UHF links and
found them very frustrating for DXing and impossible for contesting.  I also
did some work with a TS870 using the RCP program and "PC Anywhere" but also
found it less than I wanted.  I have been using a Kachina 505 for about 18
months now for remote DXing and have been extremely pleased with it.  For
example, I just worked VK0LD this morning via remote.  If I was still using
an attic dipole in my restricted neighborhood, or having to drive out to the
remote site to operate, that would not have happened.  The Kachina is a real
practical package for remote operation via a landline or line of sight
spread spectrum link that works fine day after day.  See www.kachina-az.com
for more information.

I have been traveling out to the remote site for contests but am about to
try a few via remote.

The chief hang up is that the most capable contesting software that I am
comfortable with (TR and Write Log) does not interface well to the Kachina,
whether in remote or "local" mode.  I use LOGic version 5.2 for general
DXing and it interfaces beautifully to the Kachina while remote.  It is
wonderful for DXing and awards tracking, and also supports most of the major
contests, and while it lacks some of the features of the other programs, it
is the best choice for remote use with the Kachina right now.  The second
problem is remote control of antenna switching, which is much easier when
actually at the site.   I can switch antennas for each band easily when
remote, but I have not yet perfected a system to do remotely all of the
switching and combining of antennas that is possible locally.   I also have
just been trying to get a second radio going for local use, and have not
even tried to do that remote yet.

N5ZC has operated at least two major contests remotely and done very well.
See his web page at http://www.tcac.net/~rthorne/index.html for more data.

The Charlotte, NC HamFest is coming up the second weekend in March and they
are planning a presentation on remote operation. Their web page is at

73 John N5CQ

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