[CQ-Contest] REMINDER: Posting scores to 3830@contesting.com

Jim Reisert ad1c at contesting.com
Tue Feb 16 10:13:40 EST 1999

This reminder is being sent to everyone on CQ-Contest, 3830 and anyone
else who may have posted scores in the past.  Failure to follow these
simple rules will delay your score.  In most cases, your score will be
returned to you with instructions to resend it.  If you don't see your
score after several hours DO NOT send it again!!!  You probably didn't
follow the rules, and either your score will show up later, or it will
be returned to you.  Do it right the first time and save me the extra

1.  Include your CALLSIGN and CATEGORY in the subject line,  i.e:

	Subject:  W4AN ARRL DX CW S/O AB HP

2.  Plain ASCII text.  No MIME.  No fancy formatting.  This is the
    SINGLE most common problem and the one that I'm the least
    tolerant of.

    * To check/change the setting in Outlook/Outlook Express:

      Select the menus Tools, then Options.  Select the Send tab.
      Select 'Plain Text'.

    * To check/change the setting in Netscape Communicator:

      Select the menus Edit, then Preferences.  Under 'Mail & Groups',
      select Messages.  Remove the check from 'By default, send HTML

3.  Don't send attachments.  If your E-mail program can't send inline
    text, use a program like Notepad to view your summary sheet, then
    select all the text, copy it to the clipboard, then past it into
    your E-mail message to 3830.

4.  Don't use the Cc: field.  Put all the destination addresses in the
    To: field ONLY.

Thanks for your cooperation.

73 - Jim AD1C

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